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Tra la la Lenny




A Most Unusual Wish


Magnolia the Bear

Magnolia had a BIG wish to find the family that saved her when she was a cub. But the human world was a tough place for a bear to succeed. So, Magnolia found a special team to help her!

Concord the Gopher
You know what makes a gopher giggle? Digging holes and watching the humans trip! But when Magnolia met Concord, she knew his strength and sense of fun would help her stick to the plan!
Tra la la Lenny the Owl
Since hooting is a language understood by big dreamers, Magnolia trusted Tra la la Lenny’s wise advice to take small steps and write daily tasks to help her wish come true.
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Think about a wish


Describe how you'd like it to be


List steps and tasks to get there


In the belly it goes


Every night, hold your vision tight!

  • Fun goal setting.
  • Sweet dreams for our kids with worries, homesick campers, and college bound teens.
  • Healing/Recovery mottos and mantras.
  • Habits that need to go away, tuck a reminder every day!
  • Grandparents who love opening notes and drawings!
  • Writing wishes for newborns!
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Read about Magnolia’s story in,
Nancy Goodman
Illustrated by Wilson Sell

Meet Magnolia

How can they find the humans in a world they know nothing about?

Discover the enchanting world of, A Most Unusual Wish – Join Magnolia on an unforgettable adventure as she encounters a ferocious lion and is rescued by a kind family of humans.

Meet Magnolia

To save her from a lurking
lion, a kind family takes
Magnolia into their home.

She grows to love them.

Learn Magnolia’s wishes – and how she planned to make them happen – and the friends she made along the way with Concord and Tra la la Lenny!

Years later, she goes back
to thank them but, OH
NO! The family had
moved away.

Magnolia makes a wish to find them.
Will the Stuff’n’tuddles help her?

With colorful illustrations and heartwarming storytelling, this children’s book is perfect for young readers who love tales of friendship and bravery.

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Rescued by a Stuffed Bear.

I wouldn’t say this particular night was my proudest moment. As a matter of fact, the soggy tissues on my bed and self-help books on the nightstand felt a bit too permanent for my liking. As a divorced mom of three, my kids were my life and joy. But a part of me was lonely.

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