In PJ’s, I drove to the all-night drugstore, test-cuddled stuffed animals, bought one, came home, and wrote a letter to my future.
I described my wish and to help it along, listed tasks to start the next day.
I cut a seam in the stuffed dog’s belly, tucked the note, cuddled my hope and… Zzzzzz!
One day, that wish came true and there was someone to thank. So, I handed over the dog with the note, and that moment led me to you. Today, my wish is that Stuff’n’tuddles help you or someone you love. Whether it’s for school, a job, creative endeavors; health, family, healing, growth, or love…
Wish, write, plan, tuck and cuddle!
Sweet dreams,

Nancy Goodman is a mom of three, published author of the novel, Surprise Me! and the writer/director of Surprise Me the movie.
Stuff’n’tuddles are featured in her children’s book, A Most Unusual Wish
Nancy lives in Chicago, Illinois.