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Grown-ups and their Stuffies

If you’re an adult who finds comfort from cuddly animals and toys, have no shame. The pandemic broke the stigmas and now the term “adult toy” is no longer that kind of toy. And since adults get more allowance money than kids, they’re spending $5 billion a year. Why have we reverted to our childhood play? Because in these times, we all need it.

Feeling anxiety and stress is as every day and talked about as the common cold. No matter how many meditations, workouts, vitamin infusions, yoga, and self-help articles and books we read, those emotions find us. And we need help in the moment. Answering that call, Nancy Goodman has created Stuff’n’tuddles- a plush team for anyone with a wish, in need of comfort, or the proverbial kick off the couch. These critters come with pockets and Goodman wants us writing again. Not typing.

“There’s something about pen to paper. It’s all about you, it’s physical, and it’s incredibly powerful. Journaling is a great tool. But for me, holding those wishes and plans close to me is another level of comfort. If I’ve written a vision of what I want my future to be, it feels like a signed emotional contract. I just made a commitment to myself and got nurturing comfort at the same time.  That in itself is hope.”

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